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God Animation Wallpaper

God Animation Wallpaper Biography
God is Jesus Christ. Its just that simple. God is everything we are not, perfect, eternal, holy, just, loving. However, in Jesus who is God, we can gain an eternal life, and although we will die here, we will live with God. God is hope and all the good that there is. God is more then all of these things, but I think that Jesus gives us a start to understand who God is, but the journey is just begining! - InfintieHope

"A psychological sock puppet" - Anonymous

"God is the creator of all things, and he is beyond our finite comprehension. God created us out of love, and his love teaches our spirits ceaselessly. God may be compared to the Sun." - Bahá'u'lláh
The weakest, worst, most pathetic and least practical reason to die.
“God is the universe… It’s the way a sunflower just knows to turn towards the sun throughout the day. Or how a momma bird knows how to take care of her babies. It’s universal consciousness and the life forces that drives everything on this planet.” – Kristyn Molinaro
God - A nice thought.
“The Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church believes and acknowledges that there is one true and living God, Creator and Lord of Heaven and earth, almighty, eternal, immeasurable, incomprehensible, infinite in will, understanding and every perfection. Since He is one, singular, completely simple and unchangeable spiritual substance, He must be declared to be in reality and in essence, distinct from the world, supremely happy in Himself and from Himself, and inexpressibly loftier than anything besides Himself which either exists or can be imagined.” - "First Vatican Council" dailycatholic.org - May 2nd 2008
ceiling cat - "in teh beginnin Ceiling Cat made teh Skiez an da Erfs n stuffs, but he did not eated dem."
"God does not want to be defined. Of course, if one qualifies one's statements by attempting to define one's own God, God might be ok with that." - Anonymous
The opposite of a conservative idea. Completely wild and ludicrous, not grounded in the physical world, having no effect on anything other than bad decision making.

"Holy Mystery" - local Chicago catholic priest

"Unduly concerned about the preservation of that which can be lost only if not worth keeping." Devils Dictionary
God - One more thing the dead don’t think about anymore.
"Your easily offended ego." - Anonymous
"Purifier of our consciences by daily visitation" - episcopal book of common prayer
Takes both sides in a war.
God is a concept we need to let go of so that we may become responsible for our own actions.
God - The greenhouse effect of cultural stupidity.
Trial size fits right in my hitter box.

"Some one who many people insist doesn't exist yet are willing to spend hours of time thinking up silly definitions they think are insulting. They waste a lot of time on trying to insult some one who doesn't exist. Clearly, for them at least, god does exist. Else why pay so much attention?" - Anonymous
The voice of reason as spoken by inanimate objects.
God - The big sports team.
god- One whose name must always be capitalized.
Floods, storms, or lightning.
A symbol of peace so contorted that we now must speak against it, in order to speak for it (that sucks.)
GOD creator of all. GOD is very merciful and loving."Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away." Luke 21:33 - submitted by anonymous
God - Time plus matter plus energy, minus logic.
"God is whatever you want him to be. I think God is my conscience. When he talks to me it's my conscience talking to me. I don't believe he's this force that controls our destiny I believe we control our own. And if I die and wake up in Heaven and I find that Hell really does exists,I love my family and I love HUMANITY so much so very much that I would not hesitate to jump right off." - John Gavina
God is man’s best friend; well, especially those wanting to abuse or escape something.
God - The rapist’s alibi.
God is any set of combined rules and taxes inducing shame, judgment and fear.
"Well I believe that God is our Father and Creator.He is the beginning and the end....He is the only one who loved mankind enough to send his son ...Jesus Christ ...to save us from ourselves and give us a bridge to him... He is all knowing and merciful....He loves his children( that would be us) but expects us to give up wrong doing-sin to be able to be close to him...He is all love and when we come to him through Christ he will always be there for us....God's the bomb" - Rhonda
Big gaping hole!
A condom to put on before reality fucks you.
The being that will send you to hell for eternity if you deny its “everpresent” existence.
God is Love (mind you, if god is everywhere, then this definition is void)
If God is love why don't Christians think I should be allowed to marry? - Anonymous
God - Repression dressed as an angel for Halloween.
God is not a God of confusion but of peace.
"God needs to be redefined as any power greater than oneself." - Steven Carty, Puerto Vallarta
The guy you’re supposed to worship, unless you’re gay.
Everyone’s favorite all knowing transsexual.
What someone who believes in God thinks they are.
God Animation Wallpaper 
God Animation Wallpaper 
God Animation Wallpaper 
God Animation Wallpaper 
God Animation Wallpaper 
God Animation Wallpaper 
God Animation Wallpaper 
God Animation Wallpaper 
God Animated Wallpapers
God and Goddesses Of India - Animated Movie


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